Facebook has begun testing Video ads

Dec 17, 2013   //   by admin   //   Facebook Info and Tips  //  Comments Off on Facebook has begun testing Video ads

Facebook has announced this week via Facebook for Business that they will be testing video ads this week. This marks a big move for Facebook, as they have been pushing users to start using their ad platform and services since moving public months back.  A post from Facebook stated:

facebook video ads

“Since September, we have been testing an easier way to watch videos shared by friends. Without having to click or tap play, videos come to life in News Feed and start playing without sound. Through the course of this test, we’ve seen a more than 10% increase in people watching, liking, sharing and commenting on videos. It’s a better experience for people and it’s leading to increased engagement.” So how will this work? We’ve got a breakdown of what to expect here:

  • Videos will begin to play as they appear on the users screen.  This means that users will be presented with video as they scroll through their newsfeed, which should create a more compelling experience and doesn’t require users to click on the content to watch.
  • If the vidoe is played in full screen, the sound will also be played.
  • When the video has finished playing, two additional videos will be presented, which allows marketers to showcase more of their material.
  • On mobile devices, all videos that begin playing as they appear on the screen will have been downloaded in advance when the device was connected to WiFi — meaning this content will not consume data plans, even if you’re not connected to WiFi at the time of playback

We’ll be testing these new ads out and will report back to let you know our thoughts, but this looks like a Facebook addition we can see taking off!